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If you never used Metasail before …  A short recap

Metasail tracking system includes the rental of Metasail tracking devices, the public viewer platform (working both on laptop and smartphone) ,including the dedicated page to the event and the remote assistance in real time throughout the event. 
In case of confirmation, the devices will be sent, already charged and ready for use, to the organizing club that will only have to distribute them keeping note of the number of the device and of the sailor to whom it is delivered and collect them at the end of the event (same for buoys to which the devices will be attached).
A person of the organizing club secretary will be in contact with our operators to provide any information necessary to prepare the service (list of registered and delivered devices, list of daily fleets, etc.) with a suitable advance.
The races will be available both live and and registered and will remain available for free on our servers.

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*not neccessarly corresponding to the first day of the event
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*We guarantee delivery of the devices the second day before the tracking start date, if you wish early delivery, the cost of the devices will be invoiced at 30% of the normal cost

*Our courier will collect the devices on the first working day following the tracking end date, if you wish to collect the devices later, the cost of the devices will be invoiced at 30% of the normal cost

In this note you can specify instructions for the courier to facilitate delivery: PLEASE NOTE that it is not possible to specify an exact time for delivery and collection which will take place on the day that will be communicated to you close to shipment
Billing data
*not necessaire if the company resides ouside UE
*for Italian companies only